Commit 2bdae201 authored by Clark's avatar Clark
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Self hosting images, ldo

parent 28d782b5
......@@ -1436,8 +1436,8 @@ sudo bash -c 'cat <<EOT >> /etc/compose/riot/config.json
"brand": "ByteCache",
"branding": {
"welcomeBackgroundUrl": "",
"authHeaderLogoUrl": "",
"welcomeBackgroundUrl": "",
"authHeaderLogoUrl": "",
"authFooterLinks": [{"text": "Blog", "url": "https://blog.${DOMAIN}"},
{"text": "Git", "url": "https://git.${DOMAIN}"},
{"text": "Contact", "url": "mailto:${EMAIL}"}]
......@@ -1518,6 +1518,8 @@ EOT' && \
sudo chown "${USER}":"${USER}" -R /etc/compose/riot
** TODO Create Gitlab-Runner config
Make a config for the Gitlab Runner.
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