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Banner is pretty good, except for spacing and fingerprint text

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  • 2-up
  • Swipe
  • Onion skin
#+BEGIN_SRC plantuml :file banner.svg
rectangle topRow {
#+BEGIN_SRC plantuml :file banner.svg :results output replace
' Aesthetics
skinparam defaultTextAlignment center
skinparam shadowing false
skinparam rectangleFontSize 48
skinparam rectangleBackgroundColor #FFF
skinparam rectangleBorderThickness 0
skinparam controlFontSize 0
skinparam controlBackgroundColor #FFF
skinparam controlBorderColor #FFF
' Top row
rectangle {
rectangle "[[ <img:>]]" as gitlab
rectangle "[[ <img:>]]" as home
rectangle "[[ <img:>]]" as riot
rectangle bottomRow {
' Bottom row
rectangle {
rectangle "[[ <img:>]]" as nextcloud
control connector1
control connector2
rectangle "[[ <img:>]]" as email
control connector3
control connector4
rectangle "[[ <img:>]]" as matrix
gitlab -right- home
home -right- riot
home -down- email
nextcloud -right- email
email -right- matrix
' Fingerprint row
rectangle {
rectangle "<U+1F511> [[ PGP Key]], [[]] KeyID: 0x6371AC857A1F4AD6\n\
Fingerprint: AA73 EDB8 B5FD 2FD5 0C13 41D5 6371 AC85 7A1F 4AD6" as pgp
control connector3
control connector4
rectangle "[[ <img:>]]" as matrix
' Organization
gitlab -[hidden]right- home
home -[hidden]right- riot
home -[hidden]down- email
nextcloud -[hidden]right- connector1
connector1 -[hidden]right- connector2
connector2 -[hidden]right- email
email -[hidden]right- connector3
connector3 -[hidden]right- connector4
connector4 -[hidden]right- matrix
email -[hidden]down- pgp
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