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Adding qubes-gpg-split for Ubuntu (manual package install)

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......@@ -367,6 +367,7 @@ rectangle << Ubuntu >> {
interface "ubuntu-18" as ubuntu
abstract "ubu18-ws" as ubuntu_ws {
{method} +qubes-gpg-split
{method} +[[ Emacs]]
{method} +[[ Ethereum]]
{method} +[[ Rust]]
......@@ -434,7 +435,7 @@ fedora <.. fedora_gpg_vault
ubuntu <.. ubuntu_ws
* TODO Custom VMs
......@@ -446,6 +447,18 @@ Creating custom virtual machines for QubesOS for Ubuntu and Windows.
Recreate this guide (and rebuild default template):
Then, add missing =qubes= packages using the repository hosted by =unman= of the Qubes OS project.
First, import his Qubes OS GPG Signing key from 0x8B3F30F9C8C0C2EF using =sudo apt-key add C8C0C2EF.asc=.
Then append the repository to =/etc/apt/sources.list=.
deb bionic main
Then =sudo apt update && sudo apt install qubes-gpg-split=.
** Windows VM
I still run Windows VMs, used exclusively for gaming.
......@@ -663,10 +676,6 @@ After restarting, test the split GPG vault by exporting the public key, which ca
qubes-gpg-client --armor --export FCC7CFB2
** TODO GPG for Thunderbird
I'm using Thunderbird v78+, which does /not/ require Enigmail.
* TODO Install software
** TODO Wazuh Agent - Endpoint Security
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