Commit 1b6ea693 authored by Clark's avatar Clark

Rolling back this change. This is necessary for native small screen

parent 5dfc76b4
......@@ -332,7 +332,7 @@ Publishing settings for bytecache blog.
<ul class=\"list-unstyled components\">
<li id=\"theme-box\" class=\"d-none\">
<li id=\"theme-box\">
<button type=\"button\" class=\"btn w-100 theme-buttons btn-outline-light light-button-small\" data-toggle=\"tooltop\" title=\"Light Theme\" onclick=\"lightToggle()\">&#127774;</button>
<button type=\"button\" class=\"btn w-100 theme-buttons btn-outline-dark dark-button-small d-none\" data-toggle=\"tooltop\" title=\"Dark Theme\" onclick=\"darkToggle()\">&#127770;</button>
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