Commit 7e7f52da authored by Clark's avatar Clark

Rearranged buttons, adding tooltips

parent 2e098dd2
......@@ -282,7 +282,7 @@ Publishing settings for bytecache blog.
<div class=\"sidebar-header m-2\">
<div class=\"banner p-3\" style=\"text-align:center\">
<div id=\"banner\" class=\"banner p-3\" style=\"text-align:center\">
<div class=\"row\">
<div class=\"col-md-12\">
<div class=\"btn-group d-flex\">
......@@ -329,16 +329,16 @@ ByteCache<br/>Universe
<ul class=\"collapse list-unstyled\" id=\"homeSubmenu\">
<a href=\"\" title=\"Blog Homepage\">Home</a>
<a href=\"\" title=\"Blog homepage\">Homepage</a>
<a href=\"\" title=\"GitLab\">Git</a>
<a href=\"\" title=\"GitLab\">GitLab</a>
<a href=\"\" title=\"Nextcloud\">Cloud</a>
<a href=\"\" title=\"Nextcloud server\">ByteCloud</a>
<a href=\"\" title=\"\"></a>
<a href=\"\" title=\" client\"></a>
<a href=\"\" title=\"Matrix Homeserver\">Matrix</a>
......@@ -488,16 +488,16 @@ Bulletin
<div class=\"overlay\"></div>
<footer class=\"fixed-bottom text-center font-weight-bold\">
<button type=\"button\" id=\"leftSidebarCollapse\" class=\"btn btn-info float-left\">
<button type=\"button\" id=\"leftSidebarCollapse\" title=\"Toggle sidebar\" class=\"btn btn-primary float-left\">
<button onclick=\"topFunction()\" id=\"topBtn\" title=\"Go to top\" class=\"btn btn-info float-left ml-2\">
<button type=\"button\" id=\"rightSidebarCollapse\" title=\"Toggle sidebar\" class=\"btn btn-primary float-right\">
<button type=\"button\" id=\"rightSidebarCollapse\" class=\"btn btn-info float-right\">
<button onclick=\"topFunction()\" id=\"topBtn\" title=\"Go to top\" class=\"btn btn-primary float-right mr-2\">
<span id=\"full-footer\" class=\"h-100 align-items-center justify-content-center align-self-center\">
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